Save money by updating your windows

For Long Island home improvement that works, update your windows to lower energy costs and improve the internal and external appearance of your home. Our high quality window installations are designed to fit any budget and style, so once you’ve selected the windows you like, our fully licensed and insured Long Island contractors will get to work putting them in for your family to enjoy.

Choose the best windows for your home

  • Bay windows: Bay windows let you enjoy the view outside your windows like no other kind of window can. Bay windows are fantastic for large rooms with an excellent view, and make for extremely beautiful vistas that will transform the look of any room you put them in. New Look Contracting has extensive experience installing bay windows, so you can be sure that we will make your bay windows the best in the neighborhood.
  • Casement windows: This type of window is attached to the frame by hinges on the sides of the window, allowing it to swing open. This type of window is perfect for rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, or basement as it allows for the window to open and close easily without much pressure. For rooms where the window is intended to offer a view rather than being more functional, you may want to choose different windows.
  • Bow windows: These windows are also called curved bay windows. They offer an attractive option for the front of homes that provide both an incredible view on the inside with the option for a window seat or ledge as well as an architecturally attractive feature on the outside of the house. When you’re performing home improvement work on Long Island, bow windows have become very popular in recent years.
  • Double hung windows: These windows allow for both the upper and lower panes of the window to move and open, as opposed to a single hung window where only the lower sash can open. These windows are perfect for rooms where you want the option to get plenty of fresh air, especially on Long Island where the summer air can freshen up your whole home quickly.
  • Awning windows: Awning windows are similar to casement windows, except they are hinged at the top rather than the sides. Long Island contractors often install these windows in basements and attics, where if they are left open they will still keep out the rain.
  • Architectural windows: For homes and rooms where the most important function of the window is to be attractive from an architectural perspective, architectural windows are usually the first choice. These windows come in many shapes and sizes, but for Long Island home improvement experts, they are commonly recommended due to their attractive functions in homes.
  • Radiant windows: Radiant windows are one of the top window companies on Long Island; so many Long Island contractors use their excellent windows in all kinds of construction projects. If you want attractive and long lasting windows for your home, Radiant windows are a great choice.
  • Half-round windows and trapezoid windows: These windows are architecturally attractive, often used as part of a larger window or as architectural windows in an attic or a high living room. IF you want windows that will give your home an aesthetic boost, half-round and trapezoid windows are a good choice.
  • Gallina Storm Protection: Gallina RDC Storm Panels are the only fice-wall polycarbonate product on the market that is approved for direct mount. There is no need for bulky and expensive framing systems.

New windows can add appeal as well as a new look to your home, but don’t forget about our many Long Island home improvement services offered by the premier Long Island contractor; New Look Contracting. We offer many ways to update your look with entry doors and siding.

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