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Rejuvenate Your Home with Completely New Long Island Siding

Whether you need to replace only part of your siding or all of it, New Look Contracting is more than happy to help. New siding can completely transform the exterior of your home so it can truly become the home of your dreams. Be the envy of your neighbors with a completely new exterior in the color and material of your choosing. Besides just being unattractive, it’s not uncommon for old siding to not have any insulation. This is ultimately costing you more money on your energy bill and is also damaging to the environment.

With new, modern siding, your Long Island home will look spectacular and you can look forward to lower maintenance and energy bills. Call New Look Contracting now at 631-244-8540 for your free estimate on siding for your Long Island home.

Give Your Home a New Look with Long Island Siding:

  • Vinyl siding: We have a wide selection of all kinds of vinyl siding, and this has proven to be a popular siding option on Long Island within the past few years. Besides looking great, vinyl siding requires very little maintenance.
  • Wood shake and shingle siding: These types of siding are slightly different from each other, but they both come in a variety of different woods that are sure to give your home a unique, natural feeling.
  • Cedar Impressions: The perfect combination of wood and vinyl siding, cedar impressions hold many of the same properties as vinyl siding while giving off the appearance of wood.
  • Fiber cement siding: Because it’s created with a mix of Portland cement and wood pulp, fiber cement siding is extremely low maintenance, yet it carries that beautiful wood appearance.
  • Cultured stone: Although this type of stone is manufactured, it emulates the appearance of natural cut stone and can be used in a number of applications for the exterior of your home.
  • Wood siding: Easy installation, repair, and a variety of color and stain options make wood siding ideal for many customers. However, it tends to require more maintenance than vinyl siding.
  • 10 year labor warranty and 35 years of experience: Because we’re proud of the respectable workmanship we put into every service we do, all of our siding jobs come with a 10 year warranty on our labor.

New Look Contracting has more than 35 years of experience in creating the most sturdy and highest quality homes on Long Island, and that passion extends to every aspect of renovation and home improvement. One of the most important parts of your home, that protects it from the elements and is one of the first things people see, is your home’s siding. Long Island siding comes in many types and colors, and we are eager to work with you to help you pick the best kind of siding for your home. Whether you are building a house and need siding for the entire structure or your home’s siding has been damaged and you need a section of it replaced, New Look Contracting is the best choice for your Long Island siding needs.
We have one of the most well-cultivated and highly regarded reputations in the Long Island siding industry because we take our customers’ needs seriously. Installing new siding on your home is one of the most effective ways to utterly change the appearance of your home without doing a complete remodel. Long Island siding work is one of our specialties, and we are familiar with every aspect of installing siding on your home. Often, people may not realize that the siding on their homes has become weathered and damaged over time, especially on old houses, which can lead to problems with the elements getting in or improper insulation, which can end up costing you thousands over time. Make sure your home is properly protected with new Long Island siding from New Look Contracting.
Once you see the results that new siding can have on your home, you will be amazed and happy that you had New Look Contracting redo your siding. There are many benefits to new Long Island siding, among them lower energy and maintenance costs, a refreshed look for your home, and improved home values. At New Look Contracting, we install and repair all types of Long Island siding, including: vinyl siding, wood shake and shingle siding, cedar impressions, fiber cement siding, cultured stone, and wood siding. No matter what kind of siding you pick for your home, you can count on us to install it properly so that you never have to worry about it. To that end, we offer a ten year labor warranty on all of our siding work.
For the most effective and experienced Long Island siding companies around, New Look Contracting is the first choice for people who want quality at a good price. We have over thirty-five years of experience in the industry, installing and repairing siding, so you know that you are getting the best work by the most experienced contractors and siding specialists on Long Island. In addition to your siding work, we also do all kinds of other home improvement work, from exteriors to windows and doors. You can rely on New Look Contracting for all your Long Island siding needs, as well as any other home improvement work you may need done. Call us today for a free estimate or if you have any questions about Long Island siding.

For the best siding contractors on Long Island, you don’t need to look further than New Look Contracting. We can take care of your siding along with any other home improvement needs, such as roofing, adding a room to your home, windows and doors, and much more. Let New Look Contracting reliable and experienced contractors redo the exterior of your home with attractive new siding on Long Island. Call 631-244-8540

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